Sunday, September 02, 2007

Regal Games from the Realms of Yore: Morphy vs Duke Karl and Count Isouard 1858

Today, in our Sunday series Regal Games from the Realms of Yore, we feature the first (and so far only the second) game of Paul Morphy that I am familiar with - primarily because it was featured in one of my first chess books (see Rave - The World of Chess).

I'm sure I can't add much to what has been said about this game, but for the novice it's an excellent introduction to Morphy's games - because as Saidy and Lessing said, in The World of Chess, it is a "miniature jewel." I whole-heartedly agree.

One nice thing about being a chess novice (just getting back into chess after 25 years) is I still have ahead of me the whole collection of Morphy's brilliant games to explore and enjoy.


Anonymous said...

If you like Paul Morphy and his games, try this book:

Anonymous said...

This wonderful game is video-commented by GM Alexandra Kosteniuk in episode 30 of her Chess Killer Tips at .