Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Rave -

I just came across a chess web site today and thought it was so good it required immediate mention: - "Best collection of chess links and free chess online resources."

That tag line is no lie! This is a very clean and uncluttered site collecting together links to some of the best chess sites on the web. Links are superbly organized into the following categories:
  • Online Chess Where playing online chess is possible and what are the best graphic interfaces to connect free of charge or to payment to the best worldwide chess servers.

  • Chess Programs The best freeware programs and commercial ones to play chess, databases, graphic interfaces and chess engines, game viewers, utilities and much other.

  • Theory Selection of the best traceable sites in net which propose free of charge changing analyses of the openings and the single ones, of the middle and endgame.

  • Chess Games Database Our runable archive of matches drawn by the greater chess events worldwide, recent and past, consultable online or free of charge in pgn format.

  • Online Databases Online chess databases, national databases, game collections of many of the best players and tournaments.

  • Chess Archeology Historical analysis of the writers, players and chess schools of the last centuries.

  • Chess Links Collection, regularly up-to-date, of the best links for connecting to the leading and the most interesting chess sites of the web.

  • Chess Books A comprehensive review of chess books and magazines of the leading publishing houses that are specialized in this sector.

The Chess Books section is how I arrived at the site. It is incredible - it is organized by publisher, and then within each publisher books are listed according to subject matter and even by ECO opening classifications! If you are looking for a chess book on a particular topic I can think of no better place to begin.

And the chess goodness at this site doesn't end there - each section is meticulously organized by subject and thoroughly documented with summary comments. This site is SO GOOD I'd pay money for it! Wait - you can. Using PayPal you can make a contribution to the site (PayPal recipient: I think I'll do just that - you should too!

Rook gives this 5 out of 5 stars - you must check this site out! Why have I not heard about it before this?

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