Wednesday, August 22, 2007

New! Daily Chess Blog Entries (Planned)

Starting today, Rook is planning daily blog entries! The operative word here is planning :-) My ongoing health issues have a tendency to side track my best intentions. But, hey, we'll see how long a streak I can make this!

As part of this plan, I am assigning each day of the week a special topic:

  • Monday will feature Rook's Rudimentary Resources, recommended books, videos and DVD's, Internet sites, chess software, and anything else I can think of that will either improve your game or enhance your enjoyment of the game...

  • Tuesday's topic is Chess as Played in the Real World - to be more precise, as played in Rook Van Winkle's world. Each entry will feature an interesting (I hope) annotated game played by Rook Van Winkle

  • Wednesday is Rook's Rambling Rants and Raves, a chance for me to sound off on a variety of chess topics.

  • Thursday I will present Rook's Recommendations for Raising Ratings in which I will offer tips and suggestions, based on my own experience and those of the experts, for improving your game. I will also give a weekly status report as to how I am doing in meeting - or not meeting - my goals .

  • Friday is Fridays by the Fireside where I plan to feature a few select items of interest from the wonderful Irving Chernev and Fred Reinfeld book The Fireside Book of Chess.

  • Saturday is Romp with Rook (chess for fun). Entries on this day will feature items as diverse as chess problems and puzzles, chess variants, chess poems and stories, chess art, jokes, etc.

  • Sunday Rook presents Regal Games from the Realms of Yore in which I will feature a celebrated chess game of the past.
I hope will will find these daily entries enjoyable, entertaining, and educational.

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