Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Chess as Played in the Real World - No. 5

I'm feeling a bit depressed over this loss. Oh, well. I took my time and I tried hard. Hopefully I'm a little wiser. The game is from the second round in the ICC Monthly Tournament for September. I'm playing White.


Anonymous said...

The opening is called the Advance Variation of the French Defense. It used to be considered inferior to 3. Nc3 or 3. Nd2, but it's being played right now quite often at the Grandmaster level. On 3...c5, White should play instead 4. c3 to maintain his center pawns. 4...c4? is not really a threat - it removes all the pressure from the center and White can develop his forces behind the pawn chain to attack the kingside (maybe playing eventually f4 and f5 to open the f-file). Black has no real counterplay, other than trying a queenside advance. But of course an attack on the king is usually more important. :)

Anonymous said...

RVW, Maybe you could tell Polly Wright what PGN viewer you are using -- the one that gives notation like ...

"Position after 1. e2-e4"

Your's is better than the ChessPublisher tool she uses.

ookwelbekendalsemc said...

I prefer to play the Tarrasch Variation against the French. Look up some info on it. Maybe you like it.

Rook Van Winkle said...


Well, I can certainly do that - but Polly herself said "I am totally clueless when it comes to this stuff" and I know I can relate to that ;-)

Anyway, the viewer you mention is Priit Parmakson's
adaptation of Lutz Tautenhahn's fantastic
LT-PG-Viewer program.

I'm trying to switch over to the ChessBase viewer - it is my favorite - but it is a little more involved than Parmakson's or ChessPublisher's viewer.

Rook Van Winkle said...


Thanks for the advice on the French Advance Variation - I will remember it if I find myself in similar situation. It's nice to be able to tap someone else's brain - too bad I didn't have any chess brains to tap when I was a kid - but later is better than never ;-)

Sciurus said...

Nice annotations! Like anonymous I like your PGN viewer, too, even though I was not able to view the annotations of the last part of the game, but that might be just me.

I really like the title "Chess as played in the real world" - it is so easy to forget that Grandmaster chess is quite different from the way 'normal' and even good player play the game.