Friday, September 14, 2007

Fridays by the Fireside No. 4 - Odd, But True - A Challenging Mate-in-Six Problem

In our fourth installment of Fridays by the Fireside we feature a very challenging "Mate-in-6" problem from the Irving Chernev and Fred Reinfeld book The Fireside Book of Chess.

Now, even if you find mate-in-one puzzles difficult - don't panic in despair - I feel very confident you can solve this "Mate-in-6" problem if you give it your best effort.

Chapter - The Magic of Chess
Section - Odd, But True
Item - 70
Page - 94

To use the puzzle, make each correct winning move for White on the chess board. If you pick the correct move for White Black will automatically respond. If you make all six of the correct moves in order Black will be checkmated. If you find the puzzle too difficult – you can get up to two hints by clicking the “Need a hint?” link near the top (from the 'Full Size' view of the puzzle).

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Sunil Saranjame said...

That was simple!, but a good one.