Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Chess as Played in the Real World - No. 6

It's a little discouraging to be 0-3 in the ICC tournament I'm playing in - but that's what happens when you completely ignore your opponent's threat. I'm still at the stage where I'm playing "hope chess" as Dan Heisman puts it - and until I get by that stage I will continue to have embarrassing losses like this.

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Anonymous said...

James, it seems that you and I share the characteristic of incomplete board vision. I have a tendency to get focused on one portion of the chessboard, usually the place where the "action" is taking place, and neglect to look over all 64 squares. This places me in the unfortunate position of overlooking possibilities for myself, and missing tactical threats of my opponent. It deosn't happen all the time, but the occasional lapses in board vision have costs me many games.