Thursday, August 31, 2006

Technology Making This Blog Possible

Although not chess related, I really do want to put in a plug for two pieces of technology that have made this blog possible.

Having suffered repetitive stress injuries (RSI), I am not able to use a computer for extended periods of time using ordinary means. With the help of a "Tablet PC" and voice recognition software (see Dragon NaturallySpeaking) things have become much more tolerable.

The Tablet PC provides great flexibility in terms of how you can position the computer for working with it and it offers numerous alternative methods for inputting data - from handwriting and pointing to voice recognition.

Voice recognition software has actually become practical - as the very existence of this blog proves. If you are still a skeptic concerning just how good it can be check out the following three links: Dragon Naturally Speaking — First Impressions, David Pogue's New York Times Review, and jkOnTheRun - Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 Released

All is not perfect using these two tools - there are many computer tasks - like application development and programming for example - that you just can't do in any kind of practical way with voice recognition software and other alternate input methods.

And I still haven't found a workable way to play Internet or computer chess using only my voice for making moves. If anyone one has any advice or suggestions as to how to accomplish that, I would love to hear your comments.

Just a final note. If you find it painful working at a computer, do not ignore the pain. Permanent injury can result. For more information please see Computer Injury? Me? and Your computer may be a pain in the neck.

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