Friday, October 13, 2006

The Next Big Match - Fischer vs. Karpov !!!

Don't count on this ever really happening... but the report is that Fischer will play Gothic Chess against Karpov for $10 million. What is Gothic Chess? It is a chess variant with a 10x8 board and two new pieces! Check it out (sorry about the pun) at the official site and at The Chess Variant Pages article "Gothic Chess - Ed Trice's improvement to Capabalanca's chess, played on a 10x8 board with the Archbishop and Chancellor as new pieces."


Anonymous said...

I sent an email to Trice at and he pretty much answeres any question you want. Seems like the match will happen! Good luck to Ed!

Anonymous said...

I'd play anything with anyone for $10m. Well, maybe not Russian Roulette with myself - apart from that.

Rook Van Winkle said...

Haven't heard any updates on this story so I doubt anything will come of it. I doubt Fischer, who has become more and more of a sad case over the years will ever be able to overcome the mania that has destroyed him. Such a pity for the game of chess - or for any variant form of the game for that matter :-)

Cartaphilus said...

There is a huge post about the match history at their blog.

Karpov vs. Fischer

It is a very interesting read, check it out.